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  • The Fox in Heels : Downtown with Singer Cadence

  • We recently shot with singer/songwriter Cadence in downtown Los Angeles. Being that she resides in Stockton, California, we jumped at the opportunity of her being in LA for a few days. Her personality and music goes hand and hand as you can see in a few photos. She can be sexy, she can be silly, but both times she is handling business. Her latest single "Want This" can be found here. Follow her on instagram & twitter @WhoIsCadence and let us know what you think of the photos!
  • In The Trenches With Rebekah Aladdin

  • One of our favorite people in Los Angeles is non other than makeup artist, singer & twin Rebekah Aladdin or better known as Reine. It is rare that we get clouds and gloom in LA, so when the opportunity presented itself we took advantage. With a simple all black outfit accented with knee-high boots, and a classic trench-coat, Reine absolutely KILLED this concept. We wandered around downtown and shot wherever we felt the vibe. Let us know what you think.